[FOUND] Anyone seen a Stereo Looper?

Hey all, anyone seen a Stereo Looper around? I’ve been digging Sooper Looper and now am itching to have the reverb actually be stereo. I might be up for modifying it myself if I can find the source code for it, I would think it can’t be that hard since most of the functionality is already there.

Here is another request for it https://forum.moddevices.com/t/stereo-sooper-looper/922/2

There is hope!

MOD Dwarf kickstarter has it listed that they will be shipping a Looperlative 2 track stereo looper with the device! Now I have to figure out how to buy it separately so that I can install on MODEP.

W00t! Bram Gieson with MOD Devices just replied saying there is one in the MOD Store now called Sooper Looper 2x2, https://forum.moddevices.com/t/stereo-sooper-looper/922/4.

I dug around in the MOD Devices GitHub and found it here https://github.com/moddevices/sooperlooper-lv2-plugin in the 2x2 folder. I’ll tinker with this soon!


Thanks for keeping this updated. I’m curious to see how it pans out… errr no pun intended.

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