Formant Instrument via jsfx~

This month i am embracing the jsfx~ plugins that have just been made available for use on 32 bit systems by Pascal Gauthier. What does this mean?..if you know you’re already like cool if not.
there is a relatively cool DAW called reaper that has a very cool addition to it’s off-center powers and that is a plugin spec that lets users write [in some cases] some very fun plugins for the system
and they are rather “light” where i have got 3 or 4 separate *.jsfx “plugins” working in a pd patch.

I sent a bunch of fun ones for review to Blokas headquarters today but i have a really fun one that is going to be FORUM Only. I am going to start to only release some secret patches for anyone who has the time and inclination for some fun nerdy summer link scavenger huntings. …

Yet I digress… So back to the pd part
This is the spec for the language
here is the plugin Pascal finished -----why is this cool ? previously the FFT stuff DID NOT work on arm processors – now it does --so let the games begin

I am releasing a Formant Instrument that took a while It uses sigmund as well for note approximation and i think it could be fun to use.
It kind of wants you to play the phonemes on a keyboard though – this may become a problem
anyway so Pacal includes a jsxf->pd python script file that builds the pd patch for you and then it’s happy hunting for cool jsfx patches in that community.

i foud this wicked cool link and made three of the instruments on here for Blokas/JULY so keep your eyes peeled for those . BUT

it can suck real easily

I always feel meh after i fool with a Formant instrument so i tried to make one a little off -kilter

Formant is one of the classical electro-acoustic styles we had to master in grad shcool
i did very poorly and just eeked out a lame OM sound with my csound patch of fof synthesis i recall…pitiful
i am making the menu and i would love some BETA testers for FOrmant Synthesists!!!

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ok here is the BETA of Formant for piSOUND
it “should” be ready to go
it has MEC menus and the blokas YML is in there too!

This is a BETA
i uses two sets of automated phonemes that are being delivered from a sigmund approximation
You should be able to play your midi keyboard over whatever is ebing run through formant

I suggest you hok up your entire mixer output into it and the MiX Functions let you sculpt what you want to hear
1 phoneme has 17 partials and the other 31 sounds will be available

My Setup

Setup 1:iphone Play itunes playlist with techno set into piSound Stereo headphones into piSOund
MIX formant flavors created from sigmund and pd mix
piSOund out to Amp

WIth the Mixing controls you can pick a nice formant effect!