Forgot password! Any way round this?

Have been usinf patchbox OS with a pi sound and raspberry pi 3b+ happily for months now,

I just downloaded Renoise and was having trouble setting up ALSA so it would produce sound and went into the wizard to tweak a few things. I went into the boot options and foolishly clicked Desktop and not Destop autologin.

When i restarted my Pi, it asked for a password, i mustve set it to autologin when i first set up patchbox OS, so, i entered what i remembered to be the password, IE: patch

It doesnt work, im not sure if i changed he password and promptly forgot it or what. Ive tried all my usual password combinations to no avail. I watch a video on youtube about how to modify a file on the SD card using another computer to boot into a command prompt and type some arcane commands to reset the password, hwever when mounting the SD card on my windows machine, it reports that the SD card needs formatting before use. Thinking id corrupted the card, i returned it to the Pi where it happily boots to the login screnn.

Is there some trick to reset my password? Id happily just reflash the card but theres several new pure data patches that i cant rsk losing so am loathe to reflash just yet.

Im an idiot yes. Please please help.

Thanks in advance people!

Hi, try this method: Raspberry Pi Reset Forgotten Password - YouTube

Use passwd patch instead of passwd pi for setting the new password, as the main user is patch.

Ignore the formatting error from Windows.

Hi there, sorr yfor the late response. I tried ity to no avil then had a long trip without access…

I tried that method to the letter but my problem is, after restarting the pi,
where uoi mount the system then change the password, im not presented with a prompt… ie, I can type commands, but hitting shift+enter or just enter simply starts on the next line. I cant remember the promt symbol i usually $ ?

Thouroughly confused as to why the commands dont elicit any response from the machine toher than starting a new line :frowning:

Thanks for the advice anyway though!

Nevermind guys, I recoveed the neccessary files and just reflashed the OS.

Now struggling with VNC server autoconnecting on boot without a monitor, and how even to access touchOSCbrige4pi.

I’ll consult the boards, but expect more noob questions, apologies in advance, and much love all.