Fluid Tempo Changes ala "FlexGroove"

A couple of days ago, I stumbled across a long Midihub thread on the elektronauts site.
This recent question about FlexGroove on MAX for Live rather piqued my interest.
Listening to the samples there got me thinking and, similar to the OP, I started to wonder how to use Midihub to do something like this in a fluid, ‘playable’ way.

I don’t have MAX for Live (only have the haziest idea of what it is), but if I did I’d want to play the “elastic timing” notes (or clocks) out onto a timeline* so I could figure out how to go about it with Midihub LFOs

Before I do any more tinkering and posting my meanderings, I was wondering if anyone out there has
a. played around with ‘continuous’ tempo changes, or
b. is interested in thinking aloud about it.

*PS. Cos I had no access to the MIDI data, I got SonicVisualiser to do a Note Onset analysis of a simple part to help visualise what the effect is doing. I put up a tempo x beat graph on the other forum.
Here’s a tempo x secs graph:

The first task is to squash the timing on a One-Shot Saw Up (IMO)!

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