[Fixed] Midi Chord Sketch Hangs


Hi! This was a fun build :slight_smile:
So glove and midi mon seem to function as you’d expect, but the midichord sketch passes the first note and then hangs … I don’t think it’s an electrical problem since monitor seems fine (through runs to synth and values update continuously.

Any hint where to start with debugging?



Hey, are you using DIN-5 only? Midichords sketch sends data to both transports regardless of where input came from, so it can overfill USBMIDI queue and get stuck. Looks like I forgot to implement “USB suspended” functionality for Midichords, as it was done for Midimon. :slight_smile:



Ok, fixed it, you can find it on https://patchstorage.com/midichords/ or https://github.com/blokaslabs/midichords



Yup! Works for me. I was looking at the monitor code and thinking it’s a nice base of classes to work with, but maybe it’s not necessary :slight_smile:

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Midimon has some ground work for extending it with ‘display modes’, like in case you’d want to graphically represent the MIDI notes, etc…

The main library to use for MIDI related stuff would be Midiboy, and Arduboy2 for graphics and games.

I am slowly working towards writing the documentation for code development for Midiboy. If you have any ideas for it like topics that must be covered, let us know. :slight_smile:



Ok, got it. Preliminary tests with Arduboy2 and tones/tunes all work well. The Midiboy tests I’ve made all seem to be reliable as well.

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