Fishman Tripleplay Connect Midi USB

Hello all! Im a total rookie.
I don’t know if its possible but,
I would like to use the “Fishman Tripleplay Connect” hex pickup with Raspberry Pi4 + Pisound.
The pickup was made for mac and pc. I tried it with windows10 and the pickup sends midi data by USB cable without driver installation needed. So I was wondering if its possible to use it it with rpi4 Reaper.
The pickup has the lowest latency with USB Midi so I wouldn’t like to convert the midi usb to 5DIN.
Is there anyone who tried it?
Is it possible?
Dave Glenn

Hey, if it’s a standard USB MIDI device, it should just work with Linux too. Try plugging it in and check the output of amidi -l command.

If you see it listed, you should be able to use it in Reaper. You may have to use aconnect or aconnectgui (install with sudo apt install aconnectgui) to make the MIDI data flow between hardware and software, or maybe Reaper takes care of it itself.

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