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Suggestion to simplify the first time setup for new users:
Every time the documentation says we can connect to ssh by entering the IP address, which we have to follow a guide in order to find it, the documentation could instead simply say to connect to patchbox.local. For example: ssh patch@patchbox.local.
This works with most recent devices, phones, MacOS, linux. On Windows, it often work but if not, then yeah, they have to either rely on the IP address or install something like Bonjour.

So the documentation could suggest to try using patchbox.local first, and if it doesn’t work, then yeah, to use the IP address.

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On windows, it depends if you have installed a program that uses the bonjour service. iTunes and, perhaps Skype, installs bonjour as a part of its installation. One solution is to download iTunes from Apple but do not install it. Instead, right click on the iTunes installer file and choose to unzip it (it is actually a zip file that sef-extracts then runs the installers automagically).

Once you have extracted the files, You can find one called Bonjour64.msi (or maybe Bonjour32.msi if you have 32 bit windows?). Double-clicking that will install the Bonjour/AVAHI service on windows so <machine_name>.local will work like typing in its ip address.

This process is highly worth it, especially if you end up having to set up Raspberry pi computers a lot.

If you try this and find I’ve made an error or missed out a step, please leave a note and I’ll edit this message.

I think the cleanest solution to get Bonjour installed on Windows is to install this: Download Bonjour Print Services for Windows v2.0.2

That is much simpler than the convoluted method I had. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

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