First experience with Pisound

I’ve received the Pisound on Monday and on Friday I’ve run a workshop utilising it.
My setup:

The workshop was about visual programming languages for multimedia and programmable audio platforms (Pisound was one of the examples).
Because of the Pisound I could leave my laptop and external soundcard at home. I was able to run ppt presentation right from RPi as well as show examples made in Pd, running audio to and from Pisound and control Axoloti via MIDI. Thanks to Pisound the setup was really compact. Looking forward to use it on a regular basis :slight_smile:

PS. I do get and audio I/O error in Pd for some reason but there are no audible artefacts or flaws when running patches. Any suggestions on how to solve it are welcome.


Yay! For Axoloti :slight_smile:

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another :thumbsup: for pisound + Axoloti being a great combo :slight_smile:

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Good stuff :slight_smile:

Could you post a copy or screenshot of the the entire error message in a new thread?