Firmware for pisound and raspberry pi

I have a few question regarding firmware updates for pisound and my raspberry pi 4. I want to make sure the hardware is working as smooth as it can because my pi sometimes gets heat warnings after using modep for a while.

I bought both in 2020 and have the newly installed patchbox release from 2022 05 17. (The heat issue was from before though)
I can see that my firmware version of the pisound is 1.03 and the pisound hardware version is 1.1.

Do these update automatically if there’s updates avaliable when I try update patchbox os from the patchbox configuration utility? Or do I need to do this in any other way? Are these the latest versions perhaps?

When I type sudo rpi-eeprom-update I can see that my firmware for the raspberry pi 4 is 000137ad and the latest is 000138al. (It also says the bootloader is from 2019 and that the latest available update is from 2022 04 26.)

Should I manually update these to get the best performance or are the ones that are installed the ones that works with the pisound so I just should let it be?

Thanks in advance for helping a noob out!