Feature Requests Category

We are happy to announce that from now on we have a dedicated place for all of us to share our ideas about future Pisound hardware and software development.

If you have a feature you would love to see in Pisound, here you can post your requests or suggest a modification to existing features and we will do everything we can to address them!

By voting on existing requests you can help us prioritize our next steps.

We want Pisound to be awesome - any kind of feedback and thoughts are highly welcome!

I am excitedly waiting for my pisound to come in the mail. I feel like a little kid waiting for Xmas. I have a couple of suggestions for possible future hardware updates. The first is true bypass wiring to remove the pisound completely from the signal path when bypassed. The second is admittedly a bit nit-picky but it would be handy to have the signal output on the left side of the board rather than placed beside the input (on the right). Thank you for the hard work you have invested in creating this device.