[Feature Request] Changing presets using a MIDI controller

  • Remote Controller for changing presets. Awesome would be, if you could then choose within that object from:
    – Eight Program Change Values of your choice to select preset 1-8
    – One CC of your choice Val 0-7 on a channel of your choice select preset 1-8
    – 8 MIDI Notes of your choice to select preset 1-8 ()
    (One of the last two would be obsolete if there is a MIDI Note to CC translation processor)

@Giedrius is already working on this one. :wink:


This one is already available - in the Device->Settings menu you can select on which MIDI port and channel you expect to receive the PGM change messages for changing the preset.

Other messages are not yet supported, but we’ll likely add more options as you suggested.

Let us know how current PGM change works for you! :slight_smile:


CC values would be a welcomed addition. I’m also wondering, does switching presets fire things like AllNotesOff ? Is that a possibility?

At the moment, all notes off are not sent, but it makes sense and is definitely doable.

Do you think this should be done every time a preset is changed, or can there be times when all notes off shouldn’t be sent?

I can think of occasions when it would be unnecessary or possibly unwanted. For instance, if a user has the MidiHub plugged between their keyboard and synth voice, they want to switch a preset, but are holding down their sustain pedal during performance. It would kill their voices. Optional is best.

1st level: addition of a global tick box to turn this on/off
2nd level: addition of the option to send user-defined message* or no message when switching presets
3rd level: option to send user-defined message (or no message) per preset. Each preset sends its own message when exited.

*maybe AllNotesOff is not what’s required, maybe an ResetAllCCvalues is what another user wants

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Ok, looks like we’ll have to figure out how to make this configurable as needed :slight_smile:


hey there,
midihub just arrived - WUHU! Already loving it :slight_smile: - and im still wondering how I can map my midi controller to change through the 8 presets…
I have dedicated CH14 to be the midihub channel, and kind of get the idea needing to use the transformer pipe (is that right?), but dont understand how…
For the start, I want to be able to press 3 different buttons, to switch through preset 1,2,3.
Right now, I’m trying to have a switch (in toogle mode) on CC127, sending note value 127 to make the program change on the hub. But its not clear to me how this work.
Looking forward to have an easy way of doing this :)))

The presets can be changed using Program Change messages on the configured port and channel in Device->Settings.

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thank you! i’ve managed to set it up :slight_smile:

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I just started using modep. You say I can change presets in modep by configuring port and channel in Device->Settings.
I can not find Device->Settings menu in modep.
Where can I find it?

Hey, @Emir_Pasic , I don’t know modep so can’t assist you there, but Giedrius’ comment in Jun20 was referring to the Midihub Editor menus so guess it wasn’t addressing your query…

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Thanks, I have to be more careful when reading the posts :slight_smile:

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