FaderFox EC4 USB to USB connection

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I’ve seen a video from SynthDad where he has an EC4 MIDI jack out going to Midihub in; I’ve tried that and it works but I can’t seem to get the Midihub to respond to USB MIDI from the EC4. Is it possible to have the two communicate USB to USB or did I completely miss something in front of my face? :smiley:


Looking at the EC4 specs, you can’t connect it directly to the MidiHub via USB, you need an USB Host (a pc, special purpose MIDI-box, DIY solution…) in between.


Say i have a USB hub in between them. Would that do the trick?

I’m looking to use the Midihub in a Eurorack environment, with the FaderFox being able to control some of the parameters in Midihub as well as some in a Expert Sleepers FH 2.

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No. You can connect devices to a USB hub all you want, but the only thing you get from it is power. You need a USB Host to route data between devices, that’s just how USB works.

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Cool, I have a MIDI host i can use for that. I appreciate the help!!

Just beware, the devil’s in the details - some standalone USB-MIDI hosts support hubs and others don’t, and what sort of routing they support varies a lot etc.


The EC4 also has TRS jacks that you can connect to a TRS to MIDI adapter. You could use them to connect directly to the Midhub. Beware though that there are two types of these adapters Type A and Type B and they are not compatible. You should be able to use the one that came with your EC4. FaderFox uses Type B as well as Arturia, Launchpad Pro. Korg and Akaie use Type A as well as Disaster Area Designs MIDIBaby.