Extreme Stretch (PaulStretch/PaulXStretch)

Anyone knows of some LV2 plugins which can do extreme stretch à la PaulStretch or PaulXStretch. Could open up interesting possibilities.

Do you mean something that can do that in real time?

Well… Kinda… Doesn’t have to be as directly realtime as PaulXStretch, but was imagining something like a granular delay/looper. Tardigrain on iOS does something similar as well.
The original PaulStretch did work on Linux and it ran on 2006 hardware. The Pi might still be too slow to achieve high-quality results in realtime, but there might still be a way to recreate the overall stretching effect in something close to realtime?

Afaik Paulstretch does run on Rpi Linux, at least, I’ve got it installed and it works, but yeah I guess something real time might be tricky.
You can try to adapt Mutable Instruments/TheTechnobear’s CLDS for Pisound (or I can send you mine if you want). which can do similar things.

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Sounds like a fun project, yes. Would appreciate to get your version, to get me started.

I need to clean up some stuff and finish the MIDI mapping part, then I’ll send it to you. Since the clouds firmware and the derived CLDS external is licensed under a MIT license, it would make sense to release it as a derivate on Patchstorage (@thetechnobear are you ok with that?), I just need to make sure it actually works before I do so! :slight_smile:

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Oh I just realized that you postef this in the MODEP category. I was talking about Pd patches though…

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That’s ok. Was indeed thinking about LV2 plugins which could do this, but Pd patches are always nice.

As promised here’s a really rough first alpha version of Thetechnobear’s clds adapted for Pisound:


I’ll leave it here for a couple of weeks then probably have to delete it.
Let me know if it works for you and if you have any questions.
Let me know if you have questions.


Thanks a lot!
Downloaded. Will try it soon. Should be fun!

The link doesn’t seem to be working.

Yeah sorry, little problem with my cloud, will reapload asap

Here it is again!