Errors in journalctl for jack unit

Hi … checking the logfile with

sudo journalctl --unit jack --no-pager 

I found many errors with this line

patchbox jackdrc[566]: JackAudioDriver::ProcessGraphAsyncMaster: Process error

What does it means ?

Please post the entire log:

journalctl --unit jack > jack.log

The above command produces jack.log file which you can attach here. If it’s large, you may zip it before uploading.

Ok, here is the jack.log zipped. (51.4 KB)
Today 22 i switched on the raspberry and i Had connected my Novation LaunchKey keyboard.
It was playing normally in both pedalboard, one with fluidsynth and the other with dexed.
However the error messages are still present today…
Tnx for help.

Try using larger audio buffer.

Set 256 and period 3.
This is the jack.log file (51.4 KB)

Dec 21 21:45:24 patchbox jackdrc[561]: configuring for 48000Hz, period = 128 frames (2.7 ms), buffer = 2 periods

The log says it used 128 frames and 2 periods.

Sorry Gied … i’ve uploaded the wrong file … however i made some test using various buffer size and period but the issue doesn’t seem related to that … it happens when switching with a midi program change to a pedalboard that contain dexed synth. I’m investigating further … i will let you know my finding as available.

Ok, my experiments led to a good point. The Default pedalboard need to be a valid one.

If i leave the default pedalboard void with no connections and save each valid pedalboards with different names, when loading or switching from one to an other with MIDI program change events if the pedalboard asked does not exist, the system select the Default one … and then it does not find a valid Graph so start to report a huge amount of errors.

In final, first build a valid default pedalboard save it without changing name. Then if necessary build other pedalboards saving with different names.
At this point is possibile to switch Pedalboards (having the GUI closed) using program change midi message directed to the MIDI channel specified in /var/modep/profile5.json
And also select the snapshot with a program change directed to the MIDI channel specified as well.