Erpiam? Audio/Music Linux Distro for RasPi3

Speaking of Raspberry Pi distros and how well they work… Anyone noticed Geert Bevin’s Erpiam? Sounds like it may fit well in a minimal setup. No idea how well it supports the software required for pisound, if at all (it’s based on buildroot, not Debian/Raspbian or Ubuntu).

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very interesting, albeit… this has to be all compiled from source isn’t it?

Not sure which kernel Erpiam uses, but if it contains the Raspberry Pi’s broadcom I2S code, then all that’s required specifically for Pisound to work would be the kernel module and pisound-btn daemon, both can be found in

If someone gets this to run using Pisound, we’d be glad to integrate or accept a pull request for Pisound documentation ( on how to do it. :slight_smile:

from the config, his using the raspberrypi repo for the kernel, and targeting 4.9… so I think this means it’ll have your kernel modules…so will just need the daemon?
(or at least, it would be easy to move over to the relevant kernel version)

I’m hoping to have a look at this in September when Ive got a bit of spare time…

it should be noted at the moment, this is only useful, if your building your own applications… at this stage its more of a template for a ‘embedded music device’.
Its not a distro, or application that end-users can use…

of course, Geert is building something on top of this, so we will have to wait to see what that is… and if he will release it :slight_smile:


Yes, it should work then. The daemon is necessary only for the button functionality, if it’s not installed, audio should still work.

and the button seems to just be on gpio pin 17, so that could be given ‘application’ specific functionality if required (written in C++)
is the functionality of the pots, ‘hardcoded’ within the kernel pisound module?

It’s pretty easy to customize what the button does by changing the shell scripts. From there you could make it do pretty much anything. :slight_smile: But of course, using from within another C++ or other application would be possible.

The potentiometers are analog ones, not reachable in software.


Never heard of Erpiam but it sound like a very interesting project.