Envelope or Ramp block

There is a discussion on the Synthstrom forums on how to implement a Trans gate effect on the Deluge: Trance Gate Technique — Synthstrom Audible

Made a video on how to do it with the Midihub: Deluge trance gate with Blokas Midihub - YouTube
(Please forgive the crappy singing and the low energy, I was very tired)

It works quite well, but there is an audible click in the audio when the filter is smacked open via the generated CC. I don’t see a chance to alleviate this with an envelope on the Deluge, since the envelope only triggers on the Note on event, and it is not possible to use the envelope from the Midi track that is controlling the gate on the vocal sample track of the Deluge. Inter-Track-Modification is not a thing on the Deli.

Thinking about this and trying to sove this on the Midihub side, I think an envelope node or a ramp node would be great on the Midihub.

Would like to have the incoming CC value as the target value of the ramp/attack. Attack time would best be a parameter of the node.

@Giedrius do you think this would be possible?
It would be a great addition.

@jsilence Hey Rolf,
There have been a few folk talk recently about an ASDR pipe (or even a Envelope Component Pipe like your “Ramp Node”), but I dunno how much the Blokas team have looked into it.

In the meantime, here’s a (probably daft) thought:

  • once the gate is open can you control the level of the audio track via CC? If so,
  • have you tried emulating an Attack-Sustain with LFO>Rescale? Like this:
  1. LFO: Triangle Up, Depth 64, Trigger onNote, period at least as long as your note
  2. Rescale: scale the output, 0->0, MAX->127.
  3. Play around with MAX, LFO Rate and Resolution to get the Attack you want

here’s a snap of MAX=16, Rate=1sec, Resolution = 128Hz. So here the “attack time” is about 0.12 s.
(so you’d expect to shorten that to 0.06 with MAX=8)
Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 14.57.56