ELK Audio OS on HiFiBerry

Obvious question: would it work on Pisound?
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I’d buy the Pisound if it would run on Elk Audio OS and asked the same question… Here’s the answer I received:

Hi, I took a quick look at Elk Audio OS - looks like they have a different audio driver framework there, so Pisound’s driver would have to be ported to it. We will probably end up getting that sorted out at some point, but can’t make any promise when at the moment. :slight_smile:


Hi, just want to ask if there are any news regarding Pisound and ELK Audio OS?

If anyone would like to give it a go, it’d be possible to add Pisound support by modifying their audio driver: https://github.com/elk-audio/rpi-rtdm-audio-driver based on Pisound’s regular ALSA driver: https://github.com/BlokasLabs/pisound/blob/master/pisound-module/pisound.c (and dts file in same folder)

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Does it need to be modified? Similar chips on the HiFiBerry.

Yes, the boards have different drivers, so Pisound’s driver would have to be ported over to run on Elk OS.

How big a job are we talking about and what skill-set is needed to make this happen? I would have thought more interest on this topic, but perhaps it is a case where if it was built, the bar would be lower for people to try it out and support it after the fact.

General programming skills like C/C++, and not being afraid to get the hands a little bit dirty. :slight_smile:

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