Edrumin RPi PiSound for Acoustic Hybrid drums

Ordered the PiSound.
I’m going to pick some used canned triggers off Fartbag Market. Ddrum are a plenty which make me suspect.
Ordering Edrumin 4 soon.
RPi3’s on hand. Not sure if RPi4B is required.

Hat arrived. Tossed in front yard.


Mounted hat on RPi3 with handy posts included. Imaged sdcard per instructions.
Patchbox login :
Login for later time.

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No Create Object wave-dash symbol with US key board. Blue tooth pair error

Log in went well. Patchbox and pisound tests look ok. Navigating through Puredata… Never had to mess with keyboard options. Took a sec to get the wave dash character from key board. After copy paste from a patch, it worked. Found it far right on the slash key. Needed a US keyboard. the generic keyboards didnt have a US option. Hunt and peck , to a plain Dell keyboard.
Have not heard audio yet.
Need to replace an 20year old 1/4 to mini Jack adapter to plug in something cheap.
An output that worked was the hello world… print patch.
Tried to pair a blue tooth pod. Its on the pair list, then a pair fail with pod powering down.
Error ……check audio board settings
? BT not evident on pisound config.
Happy Holloween

Patchbox and sudo pisound-config
Connected with a bluetooth Jam pod and output sound with the browser. To enabe……Still working on where settings are at. Maybe needed to enable ADSL somewhere. Add location on a edit. Bluetooth icon and Audio right click

Audio working
$ Patchbox
Fumbled around in settings and puredata trying to hear any burb so….
From docs , installed the sine-module:
=======and hear a tone. ========
……….Coffee table certification……
Scratchy and broken up …replace junk drawer lame hook em ups
New 1/4 to mini> Monitor ear buds.
Large Noise pulse with Rpi3B red led (busy?)
Switched between 3.A usb-c with apt. to a 2.5A usbmicro
Solved- more is not better. Back to Underlying low voltage pi warning which is why the 3.A.TBD /re-remembered.

1/4 audio out ,
Low impedance …good with (new )1/4 mini apt and monitor ear buds.
BT pod w mini line in …cable bad , works well enough. Needs to be powered on, yet no amplification. MORE VOLUME. PiS volume….Module audio gain to set safety level? Puredata?
High impedance…good with patch into battery geetar mono amp and didle’n with volumes and gain.
Low level noise from amp. gain to high.
*** Look for or create line out / sp out/ amp out presets *** Jack?
Burn in for a day …stable
I vote milestone minutia.

Pulsed noise coinciding with RPi Red Led

Purchase RPi PowerSupply.
interconnect PC PCI cable for EMI separation.

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Update: Believing that the midi mapping hardware (RPi PiS) satisfied and plenty of midi mapping software to experiment with, I have moved to purchasing an acoustic drum set. While looking for something that will work….
As luck will have it, I scored 2 Big R Rogers kit bargains. One kit will be be an edrum silent mesh head, with triggers. Both will be Double bass, 4 toms and to 2 floor toms. I am building a BD and 20 in Floor tom from some Rogers Shells of the same.
As soon as a the lugs hoops rods and skins get here, Ill order mesh skins.
I have yet to purchase the edrumin trigger module wanting the out of stock 10 model.
The jury is still out on which type of trigger and mounting system. One of the kits have concert toms making access underneath easy.

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update: I have been aquiring tubs for the mesh acoustic edrums and matching acoustic kits. I have been partial to collecting Rogers Big R’s and saving a few shells. While assembling these, I have moved on to start finalizing options for the triggered cymbals and start posting on audiofront forum.
The Pisound is front and center on the coffee table. It spent some time as an effects peddle on my teenage son’s geetar. He’s not the most careful lad. Waiting for the killing prices to drop on the Pi’s.

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The edrumin4 module was delivered in Jan. I purchased two alexsis mesh edrums for 20$ on ebay. Its working very well. The graphic gui shows the piezo envelope and midi trigger. It been fun to play with. I still need load a midi mapping software. I’m going to pick a midi patch cable up between Rpi and edrumin4

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