Editor: Append file - message if a virtual port is already in use

Virtual ports are often used to sum and distribute messages. When I append a previously designed patch to the active setup, there might be a dual use of the same virtual ports. This may be by intention, e.g. my clock always goes to port H, or unintentionaly, which causes trouble.

The editor can not decide which of the two cases are wanted by the user. However, a note about an overlap/dual use of virtual ports would be very convenient during insertion of pipes from file. In the case that I want to keep the signals separated, this can be fixed within the ‘Append file preview window’ by renaming the respective virtual ports with the editor’s function.

Hey, do you mean that after importing, some pipelines are marked with red color (because they’d cause a loop), and you’d like to see this information in the import preview? Would you like to see only the pipes causing these conflicts marked, or should all virtual input or output pipes with a letter that’s already used in the main pipeline get marked?

Marking the virtual input or output pipes with letters that are already in use, e.g. with some colour would be great. May be even a simple message window, stating ‘Virtual ports x,y,z, are already in use.’ might be a good start. At the end the user has to decide, if this is intended, e.g. for a common clock. If not, the virtual ports can be reorganised in the preview window before attaching the pipe to the main setup.

I think the detection of a potential data loop, would be beyond a simple extension of the file import preview function.

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It’s already being done, but after importing to the main pipeline, the offending inputs and outputs get marked in red, so you know you have to fix them. :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you for the input, we’ll note this down to do in a future update.

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Renaming in the preview window would be more convenient, because this is just local for the imported pipes and you can use the editor’s renaming feature. Doing the renaming in the main window might become quit fiddly, because you have to touch every virtual port individually according to its purpose.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the great stuff.

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