EDEN WT800 Commercial LV2

New to this forum and new to MODEP. Been searching the forum for this topic and didn’t find any answers so forgive the “newbie” question:

Is it possible to use commercially available LV2 plugins in MODEP? As a bass player I would love to be able to use the EDEN WT800 LV2 plugin in MODEP (provided that I pay for it, of course):

Hi, LV2 plugins could be imported to MODEP, as long as they’re built for ARM architecture. They should be placed into /var/modep/lv2. Most likely the plugins wouldn’t have a proper UI in MOD-UI, but the parameters would be controllable and MIDI mappable like when you press the gear icon of a plugin.

However, I couldn’t figure out if uaudio.com provide ARM lv2 builds.

Thanks for the tip! I will contact them to see if they provide ARM builds.

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So the answer was “no” unfortnately.

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