Duplicating/Grouping CC values to numerous CC numbers

So I have a korg nanokontrol2 - 8 midi faders plus some other controls).
It’s USB only so I’m hosting it on my MPC One (hardware only setup, no PC)

I use it to control my TR08 & TR06 drum machines like a mixer for track volumes, so that I can do “DJ” style fast mixes.
Fader 1 - TR08 BD
Fader 2 - TR08 SD + CP
Fader 3 - TR08 LT + MT + HT

Because each of SD & CP or LT/MT/HT respond to separate midi CC for levels, I’m using the MIDIHUB transform pipes to duplicate the CC values to many CC numbers. This works well enough, but because of the rate of CC messages (I guess), I’m getting drum trigger lags.
(eg hihat pattern [x000 x000 x000 x000] becomes [0x00 00x0 0000 0x0x]

The lag is not occurring on the midihub (guessing), as the clock sync doesn’t go through the same pipeline as the CCs. The drums are sequenced internally on the drum machine so no note messages pass through the midihub)

The lag seems to be coming from the drum machine as it’s just receiving too much data once the fader CC is duplicated and all 3 CCs go 0 to 127 at the same time.

Behaviour - move slider from 0 to 127 (reasonably quickly, say less than 500ms), drum triggers go noticeably out of time for perhaps 300ms.

I have also mapped a mute toggle button on the NanoKontrol to the same CC, and it doesn’t seem to have any issues (guessing because it’s only 3 copies of [instant 0 to 127], rather than 3 copies of [0,1,2,3,4,…,126,127])

Is there maybe a better way to program this on the midihub? Maybe I could use 3x pipelines each using a “replace transform” pipe instead of 1x pipeline with 2 “transform ‘insert after’” pipes in a row).

I can’t really mess with the clock delay/sync delay, as I am sending the clock to many different tracks/devices.

It’s also a real pain to change anything, as I have to A) find the right transform pipe each time, and B) adjust many pipes for one group/control.

Hey, could you upload the preset you’re currently using here? :slight_smile: I’d like to check out if there’s no unintended duplication of same MIDI messages.