Drag pipes to attach to other pipes

I was editing a preset today and needed to drag a couple of modules in one pipeline onto another pipeline. There is currently no way to select a group of modules and drag them onto a new source node.

Noting this down in our todo. :slight_smile:

Btw, you may hold down ‘cmd’ or ‘control’ while dragging to make exact copies of the pipe.

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That’s nice! (and not in the manual I think)

Although on macosx It seems its option key !!

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option works for drag and copying pipes on mac here

it could be nice to just do shift + cmd/option to select the whole pipeline for drag copying

The whole pipeline can be duplicated by right clicking on the leftmost pipe and selecting the appropriate option.

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oh great that makes sense

I’m just starting to dive into the editor as my midihub should be arriving any day now!

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