[Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.7

Hey guys, this Editor update fixes and improves working with Presets that have a very large number of Pipes in them.

1.11.7 Editor Downloads

Detailed Changelog

  • Fixes for preset with high number of pipes.
  • Gracefully handle pipe add, duplicate pipeline, insert/append from file scenarios when the action would result in reaching the limit of pipes in a preset (255).
  • Gracefully handle Parameter mappings reaching the limit.
  • Show the current number of pipes in the status bar at the bottom right.
  • Show the number of pipes and parameter mappings to be imported in Insert / Append Preview window.


@Giedrius don’t forget to update this page as well (reflecting Midihub Editor v1.11.7) It still says v1.11.6


Yes, I’m on v1.11.6 and when the editor checks for updates it says that v1.11.6 is the latest.

Yes, we first make the announcement of the new version in the forums only, then if no unexpected issue is raised by early adopters, the new version is then pushed through the update check in the editor itself. :slight_smile:


Giedrius, thanks for the explanation!

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