[Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.1 Update

This is a minor update of the Editor, containing some small fixes. Only the Editor got updated, the latest firmware is still 1.11.0.

1.11.1 Editor Downloads


  • The macOS build is now signed by us and notarized, so no security popups, apart from ‘this file is downloaded from the internet’ should pop up.
  • Fixed ‘accessibility feature access popup’ on macOS which used to occur on the very first time a pipe gets dragged.
  • Fixed a rendering bug of pipe icons on macOS, especially visible in case using zoom value other than 100%.
  • Removed dependency on OpenSSL so the app will run on more Linux distributions.
  • All platforms now use slimmer Qt library build which contains only features critical for the Editor to function.
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Windows link is downloading the mac OS file.

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Thank you, fixed. :slight_smile:

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Any chance of the rPi build mentioned in the other thread? :innocent:


Another RPi editor fan here. I’m using a RPi as USB MIDI host so not having to disconnect the MIDIHub and connect it to my Mac to program a pipe every time would be much appreciated!


Have you seen our amidiauto utility? :slight_smile: It automatically makes the virtual MIDI connections whenever hardware changes are detected as well as on system startup. See my post here for an example config for an idea what it can do: Midi connection manager

Only caveat is at the moment it works only with devices’ or softwares’ first pair of in out ports. We’ll have to upgrade the utility, so it works well with the rest of Midihub’s ports. :slight_smile: