[Download] Midihub 1.7.0 Update

Hey guys, here’s another update for Midihub! :slight_smile:

3 New Pipes!

image image image

Each pipe has detailed documentation in the Context Help section of the editor, let us know if it’s comprehensible enough. :slight_smile:

Try using Delay pipe with 100% feedback, Infinite on, Sync on and Delay Time set to 1 Bar, it will then behave like a Looper effect.

1.7.0 Editor downloads

1.07 Firmware

To update the Midihub firmware, switch it on while holding down The Button. In the firmware upgrade mode, all the LEDs should be lit up. Then connect to it with the editor, go to Device->Flash Firmware, pick the downloaded bfw file and hit OK.

* All stored presets and microtunings will be removed during the firmware upgrade process * - you’ll have to back it up manually by loading each preset and saving them to disk with different names, a ‘data dump’ function to automate this, and to automatically do that during firmware update is planned to be done before the public release.

1.7.0 Detailed Changelog

  • Added new Arpeggiator pipe.
  • Added new Delay pipe.
  • Added new Note Repeater pipe.



Perfect! Thanks!!!


TOP! Got it. Great new features!


Bought a new midi controller to test the Midihub CC control. Let’s see!