[Download] Midihub 1.10.0 Update

Hey guys, here’s a minor update for Midihub! :slight_smile:

New Sustain Mode - Chord Sustain


An extension to the Sustain pipe was added - a Mode parameter with two options: ‘All’ and ‘Chord’. ‘All’ sustains all played notes until the pipe’s Sustain is off or it gets bypassed. ‘Chord’ mode adds notes to be sustained while at least one note is being held down, then once all notes on the keyboard are released and a new note is pressed, the previous notes will get turned off, and then the new notes will get sustained. This is useful when you want to change the sustain chord without manually triggering the sustain on and off.

Works nicely on the left of an Arpeggiator pipe. :wink:

1.10.0 Editor downloads

1.10 Firmware

To update the Midihub firmware, switch it on while holding down The Button. In the firmware upgrade mode, all the LEDs should be lit up. Then connect to it with the editor, go to Device->Flash Firmware, pick the downloaded bfw file and hit OK.

* All stored presets and microtunings will be removed during the firmware upgrade process * - you’ll have to back it up manually by loading each preset and saving them to disk with different names, a ‘data dump’ function to automate this, and to automatically do that during firmware update is planned to be done before the public release.

1.10.0 Detailed Changelog

  • Input Pipes will filter out any ‘note off’ messages which didn’t have a ‘note on’ message.
  • Chord sustain mode added.



It’s pretty amazing to see how far the software has come since last year. :hushed:
I just recently played around with the newer stuff and I’m really blown away.
Also meanwhile it ran great as a simple MIDI-interface.