[Download] Midihub 1.02 Update


Hey guys, another update for Midihub and the Editor to fix some more issues and add some improvements. :slight_smile:

1.02 Editor downloads

1.02 Firmware

To update the Midihub firmware, switch it on while holding down The Button. In the firmware upgrade mode, all the LEDs should be lit up. Then connect to it with the editor, go to Device->Flash Firmware, pick the downloaded bfw file and hit OK.

* All stored presets will be removed during the firmware upgrade process * - you’ll have to back it up manually by loading each preset and saving them to disk with different names, a ‘data dump’ function to automate this, and to automatically do that during firmware update is planned to be done before the public release.

1.02 Changelog

Midihub Roadmap


  • Activity LEDs will indicate tempo by blinking on quarter notes. @Jpmcmullan23
  • Note and Channel remap remapping same low high value to another one fixed. @MaximeGraf
  • USB MIDI activity for all 4 in out/ports will be displayed on status LED, using negative logic. @thetechnobear
  • Linux port IDs made to follow intuitive port numbering, please keep an eye on any ‘Device timed out’ messages while using the editor and let us know how well it works. @thetechnobear
  • Preset selection changes: @Pranciskus
    • The current preset LED will always be on, activity on that port will be displayed in negative logic.
    • When preset is changed either via The Button or via the Editor or Program Change message, the ‘preset activation’ animation will play, where the selected preset LED will blink fast a couple of times.
    • When switching the preset via The Button, the current preset will be indicated by an always on LED, the selection that is about to be made will be blinking slowly. If the same preset is selected as before, nothing will change, and if a new preset is selected, ‘preset activation’ animation will play as described above.


  • View->Show Tab Bar option on Mac should be gone. (the Mac I have access to does not append this menu item, but a system API call was added asking not to do that) @thetechnobear
  • Pipes panel redesigned to ‘auto-wrap’ as it is being expanded and resized. @ParanormalPatroler and many others :slight_smile:
  • Pipeline description gets cleared at the moments it would get lost and no longer stored, a popup to save it comes up before it is lost. @thetechnobear
  • ‘Custom Message’ field in Device Settings is now enabled only if its radio box is selected. @ParanormalPatroler
  • Tooltips fixed to remain on while mouse is hovering over pipes. @ParanormalPatroler
  • Keyboard shortcuts to show/hide context help and description added. (see View menu) @thetechnobear

Where are the new pipes? :slight_smile:

In the next update we’re planning to introduce MIDI mappable pipe parameters, that changes the underlying structure of how pipes are implemented, so we’re consciously avoiding adding new types of pipes at this stage, this way it is more efficient time-wise to get the next update out to you.

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Superb! Can’t wait to check the new things out :slight_smile:




I think the preset lighting is broken - e.g. if im on preset 1, and switch to 2, the 1 light remains solid, and 2 continues to flash (actually generally, the leds look like they get confused :wink: )

the editor shows the preset is switched as expected, its just spurious leds continuing to flash or remaining solid after you release the button

EDIT: more experimenting, it seems to only be when im switching to 1 or 2, the others all seem to be ok
interestingly, Ive only actually saved the presets on 1 and 2 (after the firmware update), so not sure if that coincidence or not. (i.e. 3-8 are empty)

EDIT2: confirmed above… the issue only appears when your have a preset saved at that location.
e.g. as soon as i saved a preset to 5, which was working fine before, the same led issue started appearing on 5 too.
what it looks like is happening is… when a preset is actually activated, it does not clear all the other leds, and leaves the currently selected one flashing,which should now turn solid, as its now the active preset.

show tab unfortunately is still there :frowning: (mac osx 10.13.5)

yeh - F1&2 for tools hide/show , working - super useful :slight_smile: (mac osx 10.13.5)

yay - linux port ids looking much better :slight_smile: (tested on organelle)

yay - usb activity looking great too :slight_smile:
(again on organelle, nice to be able to see when port id above was correct, and hub was getting data)



@thetechnobear - thank you for noticing the LED bug :slight_smile: I kept developing it on an empty device and totally missed the issue when there is a preset stored. :blush: I have just uploaded updated firmware using the same version name to the same location, so you can redownload it and reflash it.

Ok, we’ll try again in next version then :slight_smile:



cool, new firmware makes the pretty lights work as expected !

I’ll be honest, I think I preferred it when the preset was not shown… as the new approach means at a quick glance it looks like a channel has midi coming thru on it.
(of course I understand the advantage of seeing which preset is active though)

but perhaps its something I’ll get used to/come to like more :slight_smile:

a couple of thoughts, induced by the reloading of presets
(I know we wont have to do this eventually, but I still thing the following are useful)

a) open-> recent file list
probably most users aren’t going to have 100’s , so this would allow quick editing.

b) unique preset id (uuid) = associate preset on device with file on computer
so currently the preset stored on the device cannot be associated with the file you have saved on your computer (this is why we lose descriptions etc)
what if you stored a uuid in the preset on the device, which it could attempt to match to the files on your computer, and so load that instead.
(or a CRC this would allow you to spot if the preset basically matched the one on disk!?)

(currently ive given up adding/storing the preset on disk, as Im unsure if its ‘current’, and the description is lost every time i load/save from the midihub)

c) preset sets/midihub config = project file?
this might be relate to your idea of a dump,
but perhaps you have a ‘project’ of presets (i.e. a set of presets) on disk, which you could upload to the device in one hit. and in the editor, you can easily switch between the preset slots.

basically I quite like the idea of ‘dump states’ , so you could have different ones to choose from, but preferably these should be editable.

this would also allow you to save the current ‘options’ e.g. what does button do?

d) button hold custom message
I love this feature
can I suggest though, rather than distinguish between this and the canned messages ,
perhaps this is the only option but you have a button which ads it ‘all notes off’,
this will enable users to see what it does… and you could add options like ‘add CC’ , rather than users having to break out the midi spec to determine the hex required :wink:

e) preset change custom message
it be great to have a similar option to custom message that is send after a preset is changed.
we could then for example use this to turn local off.
(be great if this is also sent when the device first powers on)

anyway some random thoughts :slight_smile:

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