Does Midihub provide DIN power?

Are the DIN ports on the Midihub powered? That is to say, if I were to connect a device that receives power through Midi DIN connection, would Midihub be able to provide power for that device?

Yes, I think according to the MIDI standards;
I have a Yamaha MD-BT01 connected and it works also a Flash Synth (all need power to work)
In this foto Flash synth is in MIDI OUT A

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Depends on what you mean by power, officially there’s no such thing as MIDI DIN power.

There are some devices that use so little power that they can get by with stealing from the MIDI signal itself. Not that this seems like a good idea to me, but there are such things, apparently MD-BT01 being one of them.

As for delivering power on the unused pins of the MIDI spec, no. @Giedrius recently said here in another topic that the unused pins are not connected to anything at all on the MH (why should they - they’re unused in the spec), so certainly not power either.


Yes, Midihub follows the 5V MIDI electrical specification. I think the reason people ask whether DIN powered devices can be used is because some MIDI devices connect only pins 4 and 5 of the DIN-5 output / thru socket and don’t connect Ground to pin 2 of the port which is necessary for MIDI DIN powered devices to operate.


it’s not allowed that any device in the midi chain should consume that power.
I STRONGLY recommend to not use any sort of Equipment that takes power from the Midi-cable.

These MIDI powered devices are normally designed to draw very little current, so should be alright. :slight_smile:

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