Dispatcher working only on notes - not bend and controllers?

Setting up a poly chain, but only notes are dispatched. Pitch bend and controllers are only working on the input channel, they are not dispatched…

Do I have to filter out and transform PB and CCs in parallell to the dispatching?

Yes, the dispatcher pipe only takes care of Note On and Note Off messages. PB and CCs would all have to be duplicated for every channel to affect all of them at once, resulting in a flood of data, so Dispatcher is not doing it. You could instead use Transform pipes to produce copies of the messages to be duplicated into different channels. If you chain multiple Transform pipes, make sure to set them to work with only the original channel, otherwise, you could unintentionally produce too many messages, use the MIDI monitor to see what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick reply!

A little cumbersome, could have checkboxes like the channels for enabling PB and CC. But I’ll manage :wink:

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