Dispach falling asleep

Hi. Does anyone have any tips on keeping dispach running?
It works for a minute, then takes a break for a while and maybe wakes up.

One solution is to put in a message to toggle it on/off real quick to wake it up every so often.


Hi, which Midihub’s ports are you using to send the data to Dispatcher? Could you produce some sample MIDI file that we could use to reproduce the Dispatcher pipe getting stuck?

Thanks for asking me to do that. I was able to dial it in and visually see that I am dealing with hanging notes. The one synth I am using is not affected by hanging notes so I didn’t notice.

This is one riff coming from a MIDIPAL. At 2:35 I hit the pipe and reset it.
holding up dispach MID.zip (2.6 KB)

Thank you. The MIDI clip seems to be showing the output of Midihub - could you also post the ‘source’ MIDI data, before Midihub’s processing? This would allow us to try and reproduce the same conditions so we can observe the issue on our development device. We’d also need the preset file, so we have the same thing going on. :slight_smile: If you’d like, you can send it to us privately at hello@blokas.io.

Btw, what should be the tempo of the MIDI clip? Looks like it defaulted to 120, so it’s total length was about 14 seconds. :slight_smile:

I forgot to send the patch. I realize it is the MIDIPAL not the MIDIHUB causing the hanging notes, causing the dispatch to sleep, so I will try to patch it up.

Thank you.

Midihub 2020.12.22 20.05.02 (Preset 8).mhp (5.58 KB)

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Could you record a MIDI clip of the MIDI data the MIDIPAL uses and send it to us, so we can just make completely sure it’s not some bug in Midihub after all? :slight_smile:

So it’s definitely me, not you.

This file looks plain and safe.

It’s the MIDIPAL Scale mode with tracking on that gets wild. I think I could tame it with MIDIHUB patching.

It’s for a gnerative AI project combining the randoms of MP and MH. They are both nice randoms.

I could erase my original post since it wasn’t a MIDIHUB problem


(Attachment annoying riff.mid is missing)

No need to erase the post, it’s useful to keep it for reference in case similar issues get raised. :slight_smile:

Btw, looks like the attachment didn’t succeed when replying by mail, at the time the forum was not configured to accept .mid files, but I’ve updated the config to allow it. Sorry about that!

Could you please post it again, or just send it to hello@blokas.io? Thank you!

here is an example.
pre MIDIPAL.mid (614 Bytes) post MIDIPAL.mid (1.7 KB)