Din sync 24/48 transport pipe

Thanks to you for this great tool! It would be really useful in my case (and for a lot of people I imagine) to have an option of the “transform” pipe or a pipe designed to synchronize the old roland and other cuckoos (acidlab for example). Can Clock and Transport messages change protocol through software? Best

Hi, I’ve looked into this, it looks like the MIDI and DIN SYNC pinouts are incompatible if I remember this right.

I have a mild feeling of deja-vu so it’s quite possible I’ve said this here before :sweat_smile: but anyway…

The Pyramid sequencer supports both MIDI and DIN sync on one of its DIN5 outputs, so they’re not that incompatible:

The “standard” part of DIN sync only uses the two pins MIDI doesn’t plus ground is shared.

The unused pins by MIDI are not wired to anywhere on Midihub :stuck_out_tongue:

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Right, that would be a bit of a problem then :laughing:

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