Different volume levels in different Patchbox OS versions?

Hello all!

I have been experimenting with MODEP on a few Raspberry Pi boards. I’m using the Behringer UMC202HD as my audio interface. Initially I was using a Pi 3B+ with Patchbox OS image 2022-05-17. I had made a few setups using AIDA-X and NAM as my main amp modeller. I then wanted to try the same setups on a Pi 4B to check the performance improvement, so I just plugged in the same SD card to the 4B. However I couldn’t get it to connect to my network, so I thought I’d try it instead with the newer Patchbox OS Bookworm ARM64 2024-04-04 image.

After loading my pedalboards from the Bullseye-based image to the new Bookworm image, I noticed that the audio levels on the newer OS were very different. The input level seemed to be the same between both versions, however the output audio level was much quieter on the newer OS. There was roughly a 9dB difference between the two. For example, I keep the headphone output level at roughly about 10 o’clock on my interface while using the setup with my 3B+ as well as my Windows machine. However I had to raise it to roughly 3 o’clock with the 4B setup to get the same output level.

What could be the reason behind this? Also is there any way to set it somewhere so that I don’t have to crank my output level each time I’m switching setups?

Thank you!

Check your alsamixer settings for your audio card.

Thanks for the tip! How would I do that? Sorry, I’m very new to Linux in general.

Never mind, I just needed to type alsamixer in the terminal. Turns out the volume of my interface was at 39 by default. Turning it up to 100 did the trick. Thanks!

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