Delay pipe not working

Hi, got midihub the other and its pretty complex but very powerful, i used alot of the pipes right away but I cant seem to get the delay pipe to do anything? Am I doing something wrong here. theres a clock being sent and everything around it works like repeat, arp, note lenght etc but yea would be awesome a little of help :slight_smile:

upload your patch so others can take a look.
(if, as a new member, you can’t upload yet. Then put it on PatchStorage, label it as Help Needed then post a link back here!)

How could i upload the patch here??
New to this :confused:

This button on the reply box toolbar
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May not be available to you yet, hence PatchStorage suggestion

Cant to figure out how to upload the patch :frowning:

But it is super simple

From midi a to delay to midi a

I think there’s something a bit glitchy going.
I set this up frik.muzik_Delay_Bug.mhp just to have a clock going.
At first, I’m seeing the same as you:

I hit C. I should get ascending notes. I get just the original.

Then I do the same but with the OutPipe selected.
And I get this:

I hit C. And I get 4 more ascending notes. Exactly right!

So my guess it is working but the Monitor is just not showing what it should.
( I also found with Sync Off and Delay selected, the Note_on results are different depending on whether Settings is showing Note_offs. Weird)

Haven’t tested if notes are actually coming out. Have you?

Tested Now. Notes going out to synth as expected.
And what about you? just a display issue or not working.

PS. just has a bit of fun throwing in a Scale Remap with a Hirajoshi Pentatonic. Huge fun - must look it up!

Nothing would work turn off/on again and reboot editor and suddenly the delay kinda works i hear it and see it in the monitoring but i cant seem to get it to fade out it just stops repeating the notes all of a sudden. but one step closer, definitely something glitchy going on here

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Yep, sounds problematic. Sorry that it look to be more than just a display glitch.
Beyond my abilities, I’m afraid.

If you can document a few examples of what you’ve done and take screenshots[1] then I’m sure @Giedrius will respond to your problems and guide you forward when he’s next online.

Good Luck.

[1] Giedrius will be able to give you upload capabilities.

i cant seem to get it to fade out

Just for research purposes, try it Synced/unsynced, Internal/external clock, etc. Hooked up/detached

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Good call, gonna try all that synced/unsynced ext clock int clock

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If you don’t want it to stop after a certain number of repetitions, you should enable ‘Infinite’ setting, so it’s alive until the produced velocity is 0 due to the Feedback setting.

If you have Sync enabled, make sure there’s Clock messages flowing through the pipe, otherwise it has no idea of time passage and can’t produce notes. So either disable Sync, and use milliseconds to control the delay time, or make sure there’s Clock messages (it’s possible to use BPM pipe to produce them)

Let us know if this doesn’t help.

Is the business of the delay output monitoring being dependent on which pipe is selected a known issue, Giedrius, or is just me/@frik.muzik ?

Thank you for bringing the MIDI monitor issue for Delay pipes to our attention - we’ll get it fixed. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. When I play a note, the note will repeat four or five times and then stop. If I play the note harder, it will repeat a few more times, but still stop abruptly. Can’t seem to get it to function like a delay. Here’s my setup:


Set Feedback to 100%, if it’s less than 100%, it will gradually get more silent over every repetition. If it’s above 100%, it will get louder.