Delay Looper Drop Outs

Hi there,

The new update is amazing, finally being able to create toggles for bypassing pipes has changed everything! Cheers for all your hard work on this

I’m looking for some advice regarding the looping function on the delay pipe. I’m trying to loop a drum pad performance from an SP404 but prevent a feedback loop. I’ve ran out of available midi ports on the midihub and therefore have my SP running into an RC505.

My setup:

SP404 Ch10 > RC505 > MIDI IN A > Channel Filter (discard Ch11) > Delay > Channel Remap (10 change to 11) > SP404

Both the SP404 and RC505 have soft thru enabled. In theory I should be able to play pads on channel 10, have them record in the delay and then fire back out to channel 11 to allow a different set of pads to be triggered, preventing a feedback loop.

This seems to work great but every so often there is note drop out and the loop stops for a beat or two before resuming. I’m wondering if this could be an issue with using soft through, or I if I’m actually creating a feedback loop somewhere, due to the way things are set up.

If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated

Could you please post your entire preset? Occasionally it’s possible for messages to get through from the other pipelines involving the same ports, if they’re not thoroughly filtered.

Thanks for your reply @Giedrius. Patch below:

Patch 2.mhp (715 Bytes)