Dark Mode Please!

Please implement a dark mode for the editor. My eyes are sensitive and I’ve gotten used to most programs/apps offering this.

hey @Caleb_Hood, you’re not alone; dark editor requested back here

btw, welcome to Midihub forums

there are quite a lot of requests for a dark mode in several forum threads.
There is really a need for this for people with low vision
(like me, 5% left)
We have to be very careful with our sensitive eyes and avoid every stressfull activity, and I can confirm:
the midihub editor is REALLY painful,
I use windows with high contrast and dark mode,
most of the editor is now white letters on dark ground.
This setting is for me the only way to use the editor at all,
but there are still some really bad points:

  • the pipe icons need much more contrast, the filters and modifiers have dark grey and very thin symbols on light grey ground, for me nearly invisible. I have to zoom the icons up to 200% to see anything, but then it is very difficult to create pipes.
    The mapped indicator is the worst,
    MUCH too small and light green on light yellow, wtf,
    this must be nearly invisible even if you see very good,
    it took me months to realize that this very helpful information is there at all.
    a frame around the icon would be much better
  • the content help and description fields are still black text on white ground , for me very painful and useless.

The text based parameter fields are ok for me, they follow the font size and high contrast settings of my system.
What I really like on the editor is the midi monitor,
very helpful for trouble shooting.

I really appreciate the device, for low vision users really great and helpful - rating 10/10
but I really hate to use the editor,
my eyes hurt for 2+ hrs after using it
rating 2/10
2 instead of 1 for the midi monitor