Cycle through pedalboards using midi

hello guys
I tried to search the forum and google as well but I can’t find any answers that could help me

I’ve got the modep working and with my midi pedalboard I can assign on/off to specific effects just fine when I am in CC mode
however I am struggling to find how would I assign a midi change to a pedalboard
I have few pedalboard created, how would I assign the midi change to the specific pedalboard??
I can’t find anything on the UI that would let me change it using midi
is it possible?

not talking about the snapshots as I know those don’t work for the moment, but rather the pedalboards
how do I cycle through the different pedalboards using my midi controller?

I have a Digitech control 8
in CC mode I can assign on/off just fine to 5 effects within the pedalboard so I am assuming the midi part is working

thank you in advance for any pointers you may provide

Hey, the functionality in MOD was incomplete for changing pedalboards with program change messages. But it can be worked around by placing a ‘MIDI command server’ to translate MIDI messages into script calls that can change the pedalboards. See MIDI Command Server.

Thank you Giedrius for pointing me to that thread
So if I understand correctly there is no real way to use a midi control to easily navigate between pedalboards :thinking: like it is for other parameters in the effect
I can easily assign the on/off signal and even the expression pedal works great
Pedalboard change should be a must in my opinion and assigning a midi program change should be implemented in the UI
that would be super great
Anyway I’ll check the thread, although looks like is quite old and not moved since 2019

thanx nevertheless :slight_smile: