Cycle through Pedalboard Snapshots using the button

Is there a script for cycling through “snapshots” for an individual pedalboard like the and scripts do for the pedalboard button banks?

Not at the moment, but you may try to do it yourself, you may find the available API endpoints in Python code here:

It’d probably end up being similar to the pedalboard switching code as available here:

Awesome Thanks … I’ll do some byte chomping!

“set_midi_program_change_pedalboard_snapshots” et al might be the candidate, if I write some, with success - I’ll post it.

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Hi there! Just popping in to check on this - were you able to make any progress? I am very interested, as I am hoping to be able to change snapshots with an external midi controller. However I have relatively little programming experience, so a little hesitant to try writing a script!