Custom i2c display with Pisound

Hi, I am running a Raspi 4+ patchbox with Pisound with a custom build of Dexed with around 40k presets and a custom webserver.

You can find on my YouTube page from videos below as I can only post 2 links here.

Recently I have written two sequencers ( headless) on this device that also Run on My Akai Force and ,MacBook.

For raspi box I want to build a custom control module for it along with visual feedback using either i2c 16x2 or 16x4 lcd or .96" inch OLED.

So my question: I tried the Sda and sdl Pins 13/14 on Pisound and used a python i2c lcd driver code ( making port address changes as needed) that I found online to test, but I couldn’t get any message to display. I tried many addresses though 0x27 seemed most likely based on the chip on my i2c module.

Has anyone got lcd or OLED working while with Pisound connected and through header ports 13/14.?

Any tips, Ideas appreciated. (I am not too familiar with python in general but know programming in other languages (c++, javascript… )
Thx .

Worst case I would end up making a socket server based Arduino module connected to my pi. Though I want to avoid that or using a hdmi or other display. Eventually this entire kit might get installed into a midi controller keyboard (novation sl mk2).

Here are videos for the sequencers, and their download , code and documentation can be found on their respective GitHub projects in their video description. You will need to send the required midi messages to change parameters etc everything is documented.

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Here is the video of my patchbox running Dexed and some stuff

Install i2c-tools and try detecting your screen using this command:

sudo i2c-detect -y 1

It should scan through the 7 bit address range and inform you which addresses responded.

If it doesn’t detect your screen, make sure you’ve wired it correctly, especially the GND and power supply pins.

Thx, I already did that all and all i2c addresses were showing up populated.
not sure, might be something wrong with my board,or changes I made to the system long time back.
The LCD does light up and was being used as a arduino based remote display earlier.

The Below screenshot is without the lcd connected and it lists all addresses. as connected.


Hi, This issue is now resolved,

Residual heat from soldering had scrapped the laminate coating on pcb thus shorting one of the sdl pins with the tiny trace.
Careful Cleanup has fixed it.

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