Current Status of RPi4, Pisound, & Pimoroni Fan Shim

As of today with the latest Blokas software, RPi4 B and Pimoroni Fan Shim, are there any know compatibility issues? I recall reading about a problem in the past but cannot find if it has been resolved.

With a new RPI 4 and newest pisound and fan shim it does not work. Pisound is detected but it failed to start jack. If I remove the fan shim pisound is working again. Thus I cannot even test if the fan shim service is leading to audio problems. Maybe it’s a power problem? Some (power) pins are used by both devices? I’m using the standard power supply. But I have no clue…

I’m running the latest version of the patchbox OS with a RPi4 B and have the pimoroni fan shim. The fan can be physically installed but it has several conflicts which to my knowledge have not been fixed. Both the fan shim and Pisound button interact with each other and cause issues. Also the auto-run script for the fan breaks Jack and I have yet to find the source of the issue.

-Hope this helps

Thanks fro the feedback. I had seen this at the Pimoroni site “Because Fan SHIM uses pin BCM18 to control the fan, and this pin is also used by I2S audio devices, you won’t be able to use I2S DACs like pHAT DAC, pHAT BEAT, and the IQAudio boards at the same time as Fan SHIM” and thought there might be an issue. I’ll try heat sinks first and if there is a heat problem I’ll bypass BCM18 and hardwire the fan ON and not use the fan software.

Sounds like a plan, I’m new to the raspbery pi so if you have success making the fan work with the pisound please post about it or reply to my comment :slight_smile: it would be very apreciated.