Couple of Small Issues with ORAC Pd GUI [Solved]

As a noob, I had a few head scratching moments with the ORAC Pd Gui. Seems that the ‘Displayed Page Name’ doesn’t keep up with the selection, for instance int he Nori Sampler below the pages are Main, Sample and Other. I’m on ‘Sample’ but it’s showing ‘Main’ in the display. Not a great problem but you can see the point.

The other thing I found confusing was that, if fewer than four config controls are specified on a page, then it leaves the unused slots with a non-functioning control hung over from the last page. I’ve started treating my fav’s by putting in a “n/a”, as in the Module.json below.

While I’m here, what are the ever-present ‘Division’ controls for?

    "display" : "Nori Sampler",
    "parameters" :  [ 
        ["pct","n_start","Start Point",0,100,0],
        ["pitch","pb_range","Pb Range",0,48,2],
    "pages" : [ 
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I have the exact same issues with the OSC remote interfaces. After experimenting, it seems that the OSC messages for /page received by the client are not updated in time. So there is a 1 page delay in the title. Pretty annoying. If you reconnect the page title is correct.
I don’t know if @thetechnobear or @Giedrius are aware of this behavior with patchbox OS. It doesn’t seem to happen in the youtube videos.

Your fix for the unused controls is a good idea ! I will do the same.

Hey, there was an issue introduced recently in the Orac deb packages, please try again after running these commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install mec orac

# Just in case restart both services
sudo systemctl restart orac mec