Could not connect to with my raspberry pi 4 b 2go

Hi, very disappointed, all work fine with my old Pi3b, but my new Pi4 2Go could not connect to to update and chromium is very slow and can’t acces any site like github with error "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. Any idea what’s wrong with my config? i installed the same Patchbox image on the 2 raspi and Pisound on my Pi4

Check for any network issues on the device it’s not working on - if you’re connected to the correct WiFi, try using an ethernet cable instead, maybe search for some troubleshooting guide for network issues and Raspberry Pi.

thank’s for your quick response. I think i solved the problem with your help. it was just a power supply problem, i disconnect my teeny and my pisound from the board, and all work fine now! i have to purchase a more efficient power suply for my pi4. nice!

@Patrick_Pirat welcome to the Blokas community! Good catch on figuring out it was a power issue. The Pi4 is much more picky about it’s power requirements and I have personally found that the official power supply from RaspberryPi works great.

finally, i think it was more a wifi hotspot config than a power supply problem.
Since i connect ethernet cable for internet connection, and wifi keep for hotspot, i can connect my pisound, teeny and all other periphericals without any problem. my power supply is innocent!

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