Converting 9v barrel plug to 5v micro usb

Any ideas on how I could power the pisound from a standard guitar stompbox power supply? I can find adaptors but they don’t reduce 9v to 5v and I dont want to roast my pi and/or pisound.

If this isn’t possible is anyone powering their pi with a cellphone charger battery pack thingy. I wonder how long a setup like that would power my pisound running modep. (Super excited to try the updated/expanded plugin list btw!)

Hi, this is probably not a very common scenario, so that’s why there doesn’t seem to be any ready product for this.

However, with some DIY magic and a board like you may be able to achieve what you want.

However, I would still suggest using a USB power supply, it should be more efficient. :wink:

@giorgiodistante may be able to share his experience with using power banks for powering Pisound.

Hello there,

I’m using a power bank with:
capacity of 5200 mAh
input 5V // 2.1A
output 5V // 2.1A
(Cellularline FASTCHARGE)

With it I’m powering the Raspberry PI3, the Pisound (mounted on the PI), a 5 inch touch screen display (connected to the PI by a USB cable and the HDMI cable), a little bluetooth keyboard (Rii mini X1)

I’m feeding Pure Data (driven by the PI) with live trumpet sounds, synth sounds and MIDI messages.
I’ve been playing around with this system for around 3 hours consecutively and experiencing no problems at all.

As Giedrius advised me, it’s important to power up the system with a steady 5V // 2A.
In my case (with my connections) different amperage would mess up the system (I’ve tried and I’ve burned one PI’s SD card…)

Best wishes,

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@giorgiodistante sounds awesome! We’d like to see a photo of your setup!

Btw, I’m a trumpet player too! :grinning:

Thanks all for the advice. I ended up using a power bank (as that seems like the more elegant solution) with the Pi and it works beautifully. I liked the results so much that I ordered a second power bank, a 9v adaptor, and reverse polarity plugs to attempt to power my other effects via a power bank as well.

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