Convert different value of same CC in Different CCs #?

Hi everyone,

I was trying to figure out if it’s possible to do somehow the following:

Convert 8 different incoming values of the same CCs (sent by 8 buttons of a controller)
-----> in 8 different CCs.


CC56 Vel 0 — CC57
CC56 Vel 1 — CC58

I feel that it’s surely possible to do it but I’m not sure how to organize and build those pipelines. Maybe for someone looks much more simple to figure out…

In any case, thanks and cheers for all!


Hey, sure, this can be done:

CC based on CC value.mhp (195 Bytes)

In the first row, the CC number and value gets swapped places by Transform, so the CC Range Filter pipe in the virtual pipelines actually works with the value, rather than the CC number, making this possible. We plan to add a flag or dedicated pipe for filtering based on message values, so it would allow simplifying this preset a bit. :slight_smile:

Btw, thank you for providing the example - it makes it easier to understand what you’re after. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely amazing… :zap:
I love my Midihub each day more and I love this community!!! :hearts:
Thanks, man. I was trying in the wrong path.
This device and its possibilities are speeding up and improving exponentially the process of developing my A/V system. Really thankful.

By the way, is there a way of importing/combining/merging the .mhp into my preset? Or should I reproduce it step by step in my current preset?



This feature is planned to get implemented. :slight_smile:

In the mean time you’ll have to replicate the patch. If you run multiple instances of the Midhub Editor, you may drag the pipes between the instances, or copy and paste single pipes around.

Only one instance of the Editor can be connected to one Mididhub at a time though.

Btw, we’d love to see what you’re doing with Midihub! :slight_smile:

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Hey, good to know it, thanks! Will be definitely useful.

Sure, my pleasure! Hopefully I’ll have some demos of my updated working system in a few weeks (I had the Midihub for a bit more than a month).
Meanwhile, I can share an early stage of it, before Midihub -and before few more hardwares that now are included-, to have an idea of what I’m intending to develope. It’s an audiovisual system based on the relations between hundreds of audio and video parameters, making it a quite complex real time audiovisual multi-instrument.
Here’s a link to a performance in New York at the Folly Systems festival 2019.

Thanks and cheers!


Outstanding work! Can’t wait to see how MH reshapes your rig.

Hey, thanks Mark! Glad to hear you liked it!
In a few weeks there’ll be a new A/V piece ready to share. I’ll keep you posted.

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Hey, checkout the new version preview: [Preview] Midihub Editor 1.11.6 :slight_smile:

Hey Giedrius, thank you!! I will try it this days and share my feedback. :muscle: :dizzy:


Hey @Borgbilly and @Giedrius , here’s an advance of my new work, now with my system updated and MidiHub full working!
Hope you like it


Very entertaining! Love it!

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Hey @Giedrius , after some time and some moves from a continent to another, here I share with you some of my experiments going on. All that you see and hear is a real time improv (no editing), thanks to the THREE Midihubs in my set up (one of them with the 255 pipes in use!).
Hope you find it interesting.
Cheers and thank you every day!


This keeps getting better and better! :slight_smile: Awesome stuff, both the music and the visuals!

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Hey, thank you so much, @Giedrius !!!
I really mean it when I say that Midihubs have exponentially enhanced my work. Thank you always!
Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll have to buy a fourth unit. I’ve already run out of ins or outs in my three units!
All the best,

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