Control Pedal Board with Foot

Is there any good recommended means to controlling the Pedalboard on/off. The UI I use on my tablet is a little tricky with zoom in/out when I use my finger; let alone trying to do it when playing. The BUTTON is too small for a foot really, is there any good MIDI input that would allow me to control individual pedals on a board?

Hey, do you want to control individual pedals in a pedalboard? Some MIDI mapping options should be available in the pedal’s settings menu.

Or do you want to switch to a ‘bypass’ pedalboard using some control?

The logidy umi3 might be a good ‘off the shelf’ option if you are looking to turn on and off some pedals in modep. I’m just starting on building a diy usb midi controller to accomplish this myself. I am building one with 6 knobs and two footswitches.

How about this?