Control Elektron Octatrack arranger mode with midi

Hi, does anyone knows how to do the “Stop/SPP/Play” sequence that is required to navigate into the OT arranger mode via a midi controller (Spd-sx pro). My goal is to get out of infinite loop while I’m playing drums. As far as I know the Spd-sx pro can only send 1 midi note at the time.

Hope someone can help me!


I know nothing about OT or its arranger mode but…

…in the absence of a more informed response, here’s this:



the patch is based on the assumption that you want to:

  • take one of a range of hit notes on the Roland SPD-SX
  • use each note_on to create a “Stop/SPP/Play” sequence ,
  • where each note number matches to a specific SPP
  • and use Midihub to fulfil your task (you didn’t mention MH in your post)!

(see also the Description Panel of the patch)

I’ve included a short delay because I recall this being a thing with some Elektron devices.
It may be that this should be between the SPP Transforms and the final Start Transform instead…
… or both…
… or is actually unnecessary.
This will become apparent in testing.

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@JPG UPDATE: I realised I made an error with the first Transform

Line 1 of this testing version JPG_OT_arranger_check.mhp corrects this.

The other changes...

…are just there for testing and monitoring purposes:

(plus I added a couple more SPP Transforms for variety)

@resonotter Thanks a lot for your help, it’s still not working and I might try find another solution. The OT is responding in a weird way to the command.

@JPG, were my assumptions correct?

If so, all the main line does is:

  • Stop…
  • …pause an instant…
  • …set an SPP (here only for notes 61,62,63)…
  • …(immediately) Start

Now if this is the behaviour you want but…

The OT is responding in a weird way

…it may be that either the pauses need adjusting or just that the chosen positions are jumping to positions that don’t match your arrangement.

So, I would suggest setting up a development/testing patch that breaks up the stages:

  1. Bypass the Clock pipeline so no dummy input

  2. restrict Work with Note Number in Range Low|High for Transform1(note → Stop) to, say, note60

  3. Bypass the Delay pipe

  4. set the 3 SPP transforms to positions that are meaningful to OT arranger

  5. restrict Work with Note Number in Range Low|High to, say, note64 for final Transform(note → Start)

This will allow you to test Midihub control with human timing between the stages:

  • note60 stops OT
  • notes 61,62,63 set chosen position
  • note64 starts OT

If this gives the behaviour you want, then you can make the delay/position adjustments so that a single key will trigger the correct “Stop–(pause)–SPP–(pause)–Play” sequence!

PS. now I know that at least my Midihub query assumption is correct, Iet’s move this to that category…