Control 5 channels with 1 channel?

Hi guys,

I want to be able to send (identical) CC messages from 1 midi channel to 5 other midi channels…

Example: A midi keyboard controlling the filter cutoff for 5 synths (each synth on a different midi channel)

I am using a novation SL49 mkii (which has 2 midi outputs and usb for sending/recieving midi) to control my Korg EMX1. The EMX1 only has in/out/thru midi ports and NO usb.

This is where it gets complex…

I am using the novation via the Midihub to ‘round robin’ each note played using the ‘NOTE DISPATCHER’ for midi channnels 1-5, so the first key press plays a note on midi channel 1, second key press plays a note on midi channel 2, third key press plays a note on midi channel 3… all the way to midi channel 5, then does a ‘round robin’.
I have this set up perfectly (thanks to the awesome Midihub)

But i also want to control the filter cutoff for all 5 midi channels SIMULTANEOUSLY, while also being able to continue the ‘round robin’ setup.

So… the keyboard part is playing ‘round robin’ notes for channels 1-5, while also assigning a CC control (on the same novation SL49mkii controller) to control ALL 5 midi channels (1 to 5) filter cutroff SIMULTANEOUSLY.

So far ive not been able to achieve this.

I have tried the following:
. Assaigning the 5 midi channels on the EMX1 to midi channel 1, which works to control all of their filter cutoffs… but then i cant do the ‘round robin’ keyboard notes (for the obvious reason that all 5 synths are now on midi channel 1)

I think i might need another midi controller…
1st controller to do the ‘round robin’ notes (keyboard), and a 2nd controller (with rotary/slider) that i can set to send 1 CC message to 5 different midi channels simultaneously…
If i do this, can i use Midihub input port A for the round robin keyboard part, and Midihub input port B for the CC message from midi channel 1 to midi channel 1,2,3,4,5, and send the pipeline from both midi input A and B to midi output port A?

Bare in mind the EMX1 does NOT have usb unfortunately.

Thanks for your time guys!

Hey, Kris, hope I’m not missing the point but…

…have you tried…

  • …multiple Channel Remaps:
    Screen Shot 2024-05-01 at 16.49.26

  • …multiple CC → CC Transforms:
    Screen Shot 2024-05-01 at 16.50.12
    (The last one should be a Replace Transform as… )

…the Dispatcher line allows the CCs through on Ch 1.

In each case, the Filter only allows CCs through so notes don’t get duplicated

If I’m confused please post up your preset mhp to help.

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Thank you so much for your reply, this works perfectly!

I used the first demonstration you gave me; Multiple Channel Remaps… and it works exactly as i need it to.

Thanks again,

Kris A

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