Configure midihub *device* name

I have two Midihubs; when I want to connect in the Editor it shows the unique identifier for each (MH-3V… and MH-3N…) and they’re not very human-friendly to read. My “solution” is a dymo sticker on each Midihub, but it would be nice if I could name one “Left” and the other “Right”, because that’s where they sit :slight_smile:

Hey, this would be possible, but the only issue is the old Windows MIDI driver where it usually fails to show the correct name of the device provided to the MIDI software if you have more than one connected (it usually uses the same name for all devices of the same product kind), even if they’re using unique USB Serial strings, so due to this we can’t implement a fully working feature.

It would show the correct name in the Midihub Editor though.

I’m not surprised by Windows being a rock tied to a rope around our collective necks as we wander on ever thinner ice in our quest for perfection… :slight_smile:

But inside the Editor is, for me, a very good start; and as I’m mainly on Linux or Mac, depending. I would love it in the USB device naming as well. Two thirds to perfection…


I agree that having friendly names / aliases even just in the editor would be a big help.