Completely lost

Bought a raspberry pi , Pisound , installed patchbox followed TheTechnobear tutorial Orac 2.0 for Raspberry PI , but now I am completely lost on playing back different patches . how do I interface with PD ? can anyone point me in right direction , Thanks

I know, it’s hard to get started with it, but worth the effort! You probably need the remote client that runs in Pd on a different machine. It sends instructions using OSC to ORAC running on the RPi. I think you can run it on the same RPi, but not tried that myself.

Start that, then you’ll see the same GUI as in his vids. You need to change the connection to the IP address of your RPi.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks @soxsa , I will try that, there seems to be no clear instructions anywhere , is there a discord channel that parallels this forum

Yes, it does run on the same RPi, just use for the hostname. Usually though it’s more convenient to control the RPi remotely. :slight_smile: