Combine two CC into one, different CC (like SHIFT + key)


It is possible to combine TWO predefined CC signals into ANOTHER ONE?. For example KNOB1 send CC 10, PAD1 send CC 11, but when PAD1 is pressed AND KNOB1 is changing, then it will send another CC, for example CC 20 only - according to CC11 value. No CC10 or CC11 should be sent - or maybe C11 for a while, because it will be pressed before KNOB1 will be changed.

The idea is similar to SHIFT button, to allow use midi controller in new, huge possibilities.

do you mean “according to CC10 value”?

If so, use PAD1 to switch Bypass on a Transform pipe. Use Transform to change CC10 → CC20.
The only issue is that when PAD1 sends value >63, the Bypass is ON so CC10 → CC10. SO you’d probably change PAD1 to send 0 when down & 127 when Up, if that’s possible

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Yes, I meant CC10, sorry for typo. PAD1 can be used to send for example 0 or 127 only. I would set up controller with “few shifts” PAD1, PAD2 etc to use with one knob for different CC. Thank you and answer, I’ll try implement it (i’m new about that), but i’m happy it’s possible.

Just one more question. Can PAD1 work as PAD1 (CC1), but only until KNOB1 will be changed? PAD1 could be note, and play sample, but then press PAD1 and then rotate KNOB1 then only value from KNOB1 will be changed on CC20. First option is already good, but this could be great too. I’ll give an example: We have midi controller, with keyboard only. When i press lowest C note it play C. When I press D note, it play D. But when I press C and D together, then it will turn on/off arp (or anything else useful, for example program change or sustain). I would like use few “shortcuts” on keyboard.

That will probably be trickier.
As you’re fairly new to Midihub, I’d recommend starting off by trying a map from PAD to Bypass on a pipe and watching it action as you press the pad. That will giveyou a feel for how your combined plans will work in Midihub

btw, take a look at the New To Midihub topics starting here. They look to take you through a hands-on learning experience including mappings to change behaviour of input.