COLOURS & Macros

COLOURED pipelines would help so much. Some kind of grouping system would be nice perhaps, but colours would be great.

Macro Pipes - Like subpatches in max/msp. A .mhp within a single pipe object.

Scales - Ability to select scale by midi mapped parameter. Also please include the standard medieval modes - dorian,phrygian,mixolydian,etc. Failing that allow user-defined scales to be added to the midi mappable list.

Color yes.

Mapping scales would also be super useful for me.

Explain the use of macro pipes?

essentially, a program within a program. So like you make a pipe setup that does something complex, save it, then you make a new pipeline and you can reference the previous file as a single object, be it a source generato or destination for altering and then subsequent altered source.

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Kinda like a sub patch in Pure Data? A nested operation?

Exactly, yeah. Means you can reuse bits of hard work you’ve already done.

You can build stuff, save it and then append from file as an alternative way of reusing settings including midi mappings.

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cool, I hadn’t tried that feature. I will have a play although it’s not exactly what I’m thinking